About the Pro/INTRALINK Workspace
Pro/INTRALINK provides the Workspace that is a private area for managing your work when you work with other designers. You can track and modify multiple objects and perform basic data management operations in the Workspace while using the Creo application. The Workspace enables designers to independently perform tasks while recording and tracking concurrent activities and assist in product design decisions.
The Workspace is primarily used to view and modify objects in the local cache. As a Windchill PDM user, you can check out design information from the Windchill PDM server to your Workspace to modify the design. After you complete modifying the design, when you want to share the modifications with other users, you must check in the modified design.
The Windchill PDM server connects to the Creo application through the Workspace. The Creo session and the Workspace are linked. Information that is modified in an application can be seen in another application.
The Windchill PDM system can create multiple workspaces that are useful if you are working on several projects at a time. You can create a Workspace for each of your projects and segregate your design data by project affiliation.