To Register a Server
1. Click File > Manage Session > Server management. The Server Management dialog box opens.
2. Click Server > Register New Server. The Register New Server dialog box opens.
3. Specify a name for the server as you want it to appear in the folder navigator.
You can specify any name for the server.
4. Specify the server location. The location can be one of the following:
FTP server—Type the address of the FTP server.
Windchill server—Type the address of the Windchill server. Optionally, you can also specify the port number along with the address. For example:
The http:// prefix is added after you type an Internet address. You can obtain the correct address of your Windchill server from your Windchill Systems Administrator.
5. Click Check to validate the server location.
6. Specify the user name and password in the authentication dialog box.
7. For a server that uses workspaces or projects, select the workspace or project name.
If you do not have a workspace on the server, the Creo application automatically creates a workspace with the name default_WS. You can create another workspace later and set it to be the active one.
8. Click Close. The server is added to the folder navigator.