About Application Behavior
Pro/INTRALINK provides a checkout environment in which many users can check out and modify the same object at the same time. The first user to check in an object can commit changes to the Pro/INTRALINK server without an administrative override.
To help you stay in control of your change management environment, you can define workspace statuses for your Pro/INTRALINK objects. These statuses set limits for the Creo application when the objects are modified in the application. You can set the following object statuses in the Pro/INTRALINK Workspace:
Read Only—Objects are for reference only and cannot be modified.
Modify With Warning—Allows you to continue modifying the object in the Creo application even after you receive a warning.
You can use preferences to set these statuses implicitly for the following types of objects:
Locked by other users.
Marked as intend to modify (ITM).
Not authorized to check in.
For each of these object types you can specify:
None—Provides no warning when the object is modified in the Creo application.
Warning—Warns you when the object is explicitly modified in the Creo application (Modify With Warning).
The regenerate_read_only_objects configuration option controls implicit modifications just as Windchill.
Error–Displays an error when you attempt to change read-only objects.
About Read-Only Files
You cannot save read-only files to the workspace in Pro/INTRALINK. In most cases, you cannot modify read-only files.
About Modification Warnings and Errors
When objects have the Modify With Warning Pro/INTRALINK Workspace status, the Creo application warns you when you attempt to explicitly modify the objects. Implicit modifications are controlled by the regenerate_read_only_objects configuration option.
When objects have the Read Only Pro/INTRALINK Workspace status, an error is displayed when you explicitly modify the objects. If you inadvertently modify a read-only object, you cannot save the changes to the workspace.