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About Exporting Drawings to PDF
You can export drawings to the Portable Document Format (PDF), an industry-standard viewable format. In addition to the standard PDF format, you can export drawings to PDF/A-1 for document preservation and archival. All fonts are embedded in a PDF/A-1 file and the file is not compressed. As a result, a PDF/A-1 file is comparatively larger than a standard PDF file. You can convert a standard PDF document to the PDF/A-1 format. You cannot include audio and video content in a PDF/A-1 file.
You can click File > Save As > Save a Copy, Quick Export, or the Export command in the Drawing mode for the export. PDF is available as a publish deliverable option with other supported 2D formats on the Export Setup tab. You can use profiles for the export of drawings to the Portable Document Format. The export profile is an XML file with a .dop extension. It consists of all options required for the export and is stored in the default profile folder. If you do not have a profile, you can save the current settings to create a profile and use the same profile for the subsequent export tasks without having to repeatedly set the same options.
You can export the following items to a single PDF file:
Multiple-sheet drawings of varying sizes
Drawing layers
Fonts as stroked, TrueType, and non-TrueType
Searchable real text
You can set security parameters and document properties for the PDF export and enhance the exported file with intelligent content such as searchable metadata, hyperlinks, and bookmarks. These features facilitate the manipulation of the following exported model or drawing attributes:
Drawing text and numerical values
Layers and their visibility
Model parameters
Views, flag notes, and drawing structures, such as zones and drawing sheets
When you export the model drawings, you can set the following attributes for the PDF document:
Format, such as the range of drawing sheets, color, resolution for the shaded images, a style for the hidden lines, and print settings for the PDF document.
Content, such as hyperlinks, layers, parameters, the PDF and the PDF/A-1 formats, and document or drawing structure.
Security settings to ensure ownership to open the drawing and perform viewer operations, such as printing, document assembly and editing, and copying.
Description, such as title and author name for the PDF document and a brief description of the subject matter and a listing of keywords in the PDF document.