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About Exporting Creo Models to PDF
You can export Creo models as graphics embedded in PDF files. The models can be exported as:
A U3D graphic
A 2D raster image
When you export a model to PDF using these formats, you can set file properties such as page size, orientation, margins, color, and resolution. The model is exported to fit within the page size and margins that you set.
Additionally, you can set file properties to include content and security characteristics. The content can include the following non-geometric data:
Annotations that include notes, dimensions, surface finish, geometric tolerances, set datums, and symbols
3D notes
The engineering meta data of parts, components, and assemblies
The face colors of part models
Annotations and 3D notes are exported as polyline representations. The outlines of the true-type text fonts are extracted as closed-loop polylines. Geometric and dimensional tolerances are exported as is or as stroked or exploded polylines. The non-geometric data you select is exported to the U3D files and is subsequently embedded in the PDF files to generate 3D PDF files. Annotation nodes of the models are converted to their corresponding nodes in the model tree of the U3D file format and follow their order in the Model Tree. Parameters are exported as additional meta data. You can open a 3D PDF file in Adobe Acrobat 3D to view the exported metadata.
Colors assigned to the surfaces or faces of part models are exported to the 3D PDF files when you set the value of the u3d_create_color_surfaces configuration option to yes. Face colors represent manufacturing information such as surface finishes. For example, a blue surface indicates chrome surfacing.
During an export to a 2D raster image, you can export selected views as one-page PDF files, or all model views as a multi-page document. When you export to U3D, most Creo features are supported. However, the following features are not supported for export:
Assembly cuts
Datum points and datum curves
Views of the model in its exploded state