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To Set the Format of the PDF Document
1. Open a file, click File > Save As > Save a Copy, and specify PDF (*.pdf) as the file type for export in the Save a Copy dialog box. The PDF Export Settings dialog box opens with the General tab selected by default.
The following formats are already set by default in the PDF Export Settings dialog box:
The document orientation is landscape.
The top and left margins are zero.
All drawing sheets are exported.
The PDF output is in color.
The hidden lines in the PDF document are dashed.
The resolution set for the shaded views is 300 dots per inches (dpi).
The opening of the Adobe Acrobat Reader in which you can view the PDF.
2. Click Sheets > Current or Sheets > Range to select the drawing sheets for export. All drawing sheets are exported by default. If you click Sheets > Range, you can specify a continuous or discontinuous sheet range in Start and End.
3. Click Grayscale or Monochrome to create the output in shades of grey or single color (black and white).
4. Select a suitable resolution for the shaded views, if any, in the PDF document from the Resolution (dpi) list. You can select a resolution from a range of 100 to 600.
5. Click Solid Hidden Lines to set a solid style for the hidden lines in the output.
6. Click the Use pentable check box to use the settings from the pen table file while printing the PDF document. The settings in the pen table file, located in your working directory, control the attributes of line pattern, thickness, and color, and the mapping of entities to other pen numbers.
Clear the Apply pen table thickness to stroked text font check box if you do not want to use the pen table settings for stroked text font.
Select a cap style for line ends from the Linecap list. Butt is the default while Round and Projecting square are the alternate cap style options.
Specify how you want to join line ends from the Linejoin list. Miter is the default join option while Round and Bevel are the alternative options.
Open file in Acrobat Reader, selected by default, launches the Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can disable this option if you do not want to open the file in the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
7. Click OK. The file is exported with the format settings.