To Transform Geometry in IDD Using Adjust
1. Select the geometry that you want to move.
2. Click Edit > Transform or right-click in the graphics window or the Model Tree and click Transform. The Transform tab opens.
3. Click the Move tab.
4. Select Adjust from the Motion Type list on the Move tab.
5. Click one of the following options and perform the appropriate steps:
Relative in view plane—Adjusts the selected geometry position normal to the view plane.
Select a surface on the imported feature. The selected geometry automatically adjusts with the selected surface so that selected geometry is normal to the view plane.
Motion Reference—Adjusts the selected geometry position to a selected reference in the imported feature.
1. Select Parallel or Normal.
2. Select Mate or Align as the constraint.
3. Enter an Offset value if required.
4. Select an Adjust Reference on the selected geometry. The selected geometry adjusts its position automatically.
6. Click on the Transform tab to complete the transformation of the selected geometry.