To Merge Two Quilts
1. Select two quilts and click Merge on the Structure tab. The first quilt that you selected becomes the primary quilt by default and provides the quilt ID for the merged quilt.
2. To select the method for merging, click the Options tab and click Intersect or Join.
For the quilts to be joined, the one-sided edges of one quilt must lie on the other quilt.
The arrows at the intersection of two quilts point to the sides of the quilts that are included in the merged quilt.
3. You can change the sides of the quilts to include in the resulting feature by performing the following action:
When merging by intersecting—For each quilt, you can change the side of the quilt to include by clicking .  Notice how the arrows flip as you change the sides to keep.
When merging by joining—If one quilt extends beyond the other one, you can specify which side of the quilt is included by clicking .
4. To verify the feature, click .
5. Click .