To Detach a Surface
1. Select one or more surfaces from the same component or select the surfaces of body and quilt nodes.
2. Click Detach on the Structure tab. Alternatively, right-click in the graphics window and click Detach. When you select only one surface to detach, all two-sided edges of the surface are broken into pairs of one-sided edges. When you select two or more surfaces to detach, two-sided edges common to the detached surfaces are maintained in the detached component, but all other two-sided edges are broken into pairs of one-sided edges. The wireframe is updated and the wireframe pieces corresponding to the broken two-sided edges are deleted.
The explicitly activated surfaces are deactivated after they are detached, but they remain selected to facilitate activation if required. You can view the detached surfaces in their deactivated and selected state in the Geometry and Topology Structure (GTS) Tree. Right-click the detached surfaces and click Activate to activate them, if required. The detached surfaces are moved to the top-level node in the Geometry and Topology Structure (GTS) Tree.
Detaching a set of surfaces or the sub-node of a compound node creates a top-level node named Quilt ####. The new quilt node contains the detached set of surfaces or the surfaces of the component or combine node. Detaching nodes removes all connections to the surfaces in the nodes. However, connections are maintained between the detached surfaces of the new quilt node.
An active component or an active surface set is required to display wireframes and manipulate them. Topological connections in addition to wireframes are visible for an active set of surfaces. If only a single component node remains on the GTS tree, excluding the Datum and Exclude nodes, the component is active by default. When you create another top-level node, no component is active by default. Therefore, after detaching one or more surfaces, you must either explicitly activate the original component or the component created by the detach operation to view or manipulate the wireframe.
The Detach command is not available for surfaces selected across components.