About Selecting Geometry
Tasks in Import DataDoctor (IDD) follow the object-action workflow. You must select geometry before you use the various tools and commands in IDD.
The availability of the commands on the Import DataDoctor tab is also dependent on the type of geometry you select. For example, when you select a set of surfaces, commands that work on surfaces, such as Activate, Freeze, Detach, Divide, Repair, Match, Close, Transform, Extend, Move Vertex, and Boundary Blend are available on the Import DataDoctor tab. In addition, you can use the selected set of surfaces to define gaps and slivers and create features, curves, and datums. Activating the selected geometry is optional and is dependent on the requirement of the tool or the command.
The selection methods in IDD are the same as those available in Creo Parametric and are as follows:
Selection filter—Allows you to selectively pick various geometry types, such as surfaces, edges, curves, and datums. However, to set the selection filter to pick wireframe geometry, you must click on the Graphics toolbar to display wireframes. The selection filter displays the additional options of Wireframe, Satisfied Wireframe, Unsatisfied Wireframe, and Unsatisfied Tangency Wireframe when you display wireframes.
Selection by pick box—Select geometry that lies within or across a rectangular box that you define in the graphics window. When you drag the pointer from left to right to define the rectangular box, geometry that lies within the rectangular box is selected. If you define the rectangular box from right to left, geometry that lies within and across the boundaries of the box is selected.
The pick box method of selection is not available when the selection filter is set to Geometry.
Chain and surface collection—Selects a chain of one or two-sided edges, curves, or surfaces. Set the selection filter to Edge, Curve, or Surface and use the Control key to select the continuous chain of edges, curves, or surfaces across nodes.
You cannot select intent chain of edges or intent surfaces in IDD.
Additionally, you can select wireframes, edges, and surfaces as follows:
Wireframes—You must activate a component node or the surfaces of a component node of the import feature and display wireframes to select wireframes. Click on the Graphics toolbar to display wireframes . The selection filter displays the wireframe options of Wireframe, Satisfied Wireframe, Unsatisfied Wireframe, and Unsatisfied Tangency Wireframe only when you click the wireframe display option on the Graphics toolbar. You can select satisfied or unsatisfied wireframes and wireframes with unsatisfied tangency conditions.
Unsatisfied wireframes—You must click on the Graphics toolbar to display wireframes, set the selection filter to Unsatisfied Wireframe, and select one of two highlighted constituent one-sided edges to select unsatisfied wireframes.
Parent surfaces of wireframes—You can select and activate the parent surfaces of wireframe curves when a component node is active. To select the parent surfaces of wireframes, you must select wireframes and right-click to access Select parent surfaces on the shortcut menu. You can use this method of selection for the explicit activation of surfaces and limit the scope of the IDD tasks to this specific set of surfaces.
One-sided edges—You can select one-sided edges of the import feature across all nodes when no component node or surface set of a node is active. When you activate a node or a set of surfaces, you can only select the one-sided edges of the active node or the active set of surfaces. You can use the Control key to select a chain of one-sided edges.
Two-sided edges—You can select two-sided edges across the nodes of the imported feature when there are no active surfaces or nodes. When you activate a node and switch off wireframe display, you can select two-sided edges with active surfaces on one or both sides of the edges. You cannot select two-sided edges when you display wireframes. You can click Constrain > Wireframe > Remove from Wireframe or right-click and click Remove from Wireframe to remove the selected two-sided edges from the associated wireframes. You can use the CTRL key to select a chain of two-sided edges.
These methods of selection and activation of surfaces and wireframes prevent the unnecessary modification of geometry not directly involved with the problem area.