To Deactivate Geometry
1. Ensure that a node or surface subset is explicitly active.
2. Click Activation > Deactivate on the Structure tab or right-click and click Deactivate. The selected node is deactivated and the icon , representing an active node is removed from the GTS Tree.
When you deactivate a node on the GTS Tree, the connections between the node and the dependent geometry and the connections within the dependent geometry are restored. The geometry that defines the tree branch of a GTS Tree from the top-level node to the active node is called dependent geometry.
When you modify activated sub nodes of merge operations, the merge operation may fail when the sub-nodes are deactivated. When a merge node fails, it is removed from the tree and its sub-nodes become base-nodes.
Deactivate is available when a node has been explicitly activated by the user. You cannot deactivate a component that is active by default because it is the only node in the GTS tree.