About the Replace Tool
Data that you import from other CAD systems may be damaged even before you import it. Also, the edge definition in the imported data may be poor. These poor quality edges may cause surface stitching during import to fail, resulting in non-solid data. You can repair these poor quality edges using the Replace tool to help enable solidification of the import feature. The Replace tool in the Creo Parametric Import DataDoctor module enables you to replace poor quality edges of surfaces with high quality 3D or UV curves created on those surfaces.
You can replace a one-sided edge of a surface with a single one-sided edge or a chain of one-sided edges. You can similarly replace the one-sided edge with a single 3D or UV-curve or a chain of 3D or UV-curves. Ensure that the one-sided edges selected to be replaced are continuous and contiguous. Similarly, the chain of edges or curves selected as the replacement must also be continuous and contiguous. That is, the order of selection of the curve or edge segments must be continuous so that the chains of edges or curves are geometrically contiguous and connected. Additionally, you must be able to project the replacing chain of edges or curves on the surface of the edge to be replaced. This projection too must be complete, continuous, and contiguous. The replace is aborted if you cannot achieve this projection. You cannot replace edges with 3D curves or with edges of the other surface if this projection is partial. That is, the projected curve or edge must intersect the adjacent edges selected to be replaced. If the projection is not complete, you must extend or extrapolate the replacement surface so that the projection of its edge is complete on the surface whose edge you are replacing.
Creo Parametric Import DataDoctor has several UV-curve creation and modification tools that allow you to define the geometry of the edge that you use for replacement.