About Editing Surface Boundaries in IDD
You can modify the one-sided boundaries of surfaces in IDD by using most of the tools for curve modification.
You can use commands on the Edit tab to perform the following operations on one-sided edges:
Modify shape ( Modify)—You can modify the shape of a one-sided edge by tweaking its control polygon or by modifying its interpolation points.
Merge contiguous one-sided edges of the same surface ( Merge Curves)—You can merge two or more one-sided edges into a single edge.
Replace contiguous one-sided edges of a surface ( Replace)—You can replace two or more one-sided edges with 3D or UV curves or a chain of one-sided edges or curves.
Split a one-sided edge ( Split Curve)—You can split a one-sided edge into two by selecting a point on the curve.
Delete trimmed surface boundaries—You can select a one-sided edge of any trimmed surface boundary to delete it. The trimmed boundary must be a one-sided edge.
Move a vertex ( Move Vertex)—You can move a common vertex between two one-sided edges of the same surface.