About Delete Operation in IDD
You can delete most items that you can select on the GTS tree or in the graphics window. However, you cannot delete the following items:
Individual surfaces of procedure nodes, suppressed connection nodes, or dependent geometry of suppressed connections nodes.
Wireframe or two-sided edges. To remove a two-sided edge defined by a wireframe, select the corresponding wireframe piece, right-click, and click Remove from Wireframe. You can use various other methods such as Detach in order to remove two-sided edges that do not belong to the active geometry.
If you delete a surface with UV-curves defined on it, the curves are also deleted.
If you delete a leaf surface, procedure, component or datum node, the node and its geometry are removed from the import feature.
If you delete a connection node, that is, merge or combine, IDD does not delete the geometry defined by the connection node; it only removes the connection node and the connections that it defined among its child nodes. The child nodes are moved to the next level of the GTS Tree, that is, the same level as that of the connection node before it was deleted.
You can also delete trimmed boundaries of surfaces. Select one or more of the one-sided edges of the trimmed boundary and select the delete option. If you delete an outer trimmed boundary, the surface boundary reverts to its natural domain. If you delete any inner trimmed boundary, it is simply removed and the gap filled.
You can only delete a trimmed boundary if all edges of the boundary are one-sided.
If you delete an outer boundary, all inner boundaries are also deleted, as well as any other outer boundaries if the selected outer boundary's surface is a multi-loop surface.
You may individually delete trimmed inner boundaries independent of outer trimmed boundaries and other inner trimmed boundaries.
You can also delete slivers. When you delete a sliver, IDD removes the sliver surface or surfaces, but does not close the gap created by removing the surface or surfaces or define Wireframe for the gap that is created by removing the surface or surfaces.