About the Copy Operation in IDD
You can select the items that you want to copy on the GTS Tree or in the graphics window. You can copy the following objects from the GTS Tree:
A single, base-level node except the one that contains the active node
A single, immediate sub node of a base-level or active Combined node
A subset of surfaces of a single base-level or active Component node
Any combination of datums such as planes, axes, coordinate systems, and points, and 3D curves from anywhere on the GTS Tree structure.
You cannot explicitly copy UV-curves. However, if you copy a surface that has UV-curves defined on it, its curves are copied with it.
You cannot copy suppressed merge or combine connection nodes. A suppressed connection node is a dependent node on a Merge or Combine node that includes currently active node.
When you perform a copy operation, neither the GTS tree nor the display changes. The clipboard is populated with a copy of the selected node or nodes. The copied node or nodes and their associated geometry have unique IDs.