To Trim a Quilt
1. Select a surface that belongs to a valid quilt, or a procedure node or a component node that represents a valid quilt.
2. Click Edit > Trim on the Import DataDoctor ribbon tab. The Surface Trim tab opens.
3. Click the References tab, click in the Trimming object collector, and select a surface, datum plane, internal edge chain of the quilt, or a curve chain in the graphics window as the object to be trimmed.
4. To change the quilt to be trimmed, right-click the quilt in the Trimmed quilt collector, click Remove on the shortcut menu, and select a different quilt. Alternatively, click the Trimmed quilt collector and select a different quilt in the graphics window.
5. To change the trimming object, click the Trimming object collector and select a surface, datum plane, internal edge chain, or a curve in the graphics window.
6. To specify the side of the trimmed surface to be retained, click on the Surface Trim tab.
To retain both the sides, click on the Surface Trim tab until a yellow arrow appears in the graphics windows on both the sides of the selected quilt, indicating that both sides will be retained.
7. Click on the Surface Trim tab. IDD trims the selected quilt or curve.