To Create a Surface Extension
1. Select one or more one-sided boundary edges of a single quilt in the graphics window.
2. Click Edit > Extend on the Import DataDoctor ribbon tab. The Extend tab opens.
3. Click on the Extend tab to extend the surface along the original surface. The boundary edge that you selected appears in the Boundary edge collector in the References tab.
4. You can extend the surface in one of the following ways:
In the graphics window, use the drag handle to manually extend the selected boundary edge to the desired distance.
On the Extend tab, type a value for the distance or select a value from a list of the most recently used values.
5. To add measurement points, click the Measurements tab. Right-click the tab and click Add on the shortcut menu.
6. Define the location of the point and use the point to drag the extension in the graphics window or set the location and extension in the Measurements tab. You can add multiple points for finer control.
7. To specify the extension side, click the Options tab and select Along or Normal To for each extension side.
8. Click on the Extend tab. IDD extends the selected surface.