To Change the Line Style of Imported Curve Data
1. Right-click an import feature containing curve data on the Model Tree and click Edit Definition or click Model > Operations > Edit Definition to redefine the import feature.
2. Click on the Import tab to use Import DataDoctor (IDD).
3. Set the selection filter to Curve to pick curves.
4. Display all the curve data.
5. Drag the pointer from left to right in the graphics window and define a rectangular box to simultaneously select the curves within the defined box.
The quick selection of the entities using the selection filter and the pick box method of selection enables the easy modification of line styles in IDD.
6. Right-click and click Properties. The Line Style dialog box opens.
7. Modify the line style of the selected curves as follows:
Select a font from the list of fonts in Line Font.
Click Color to select a color in the color palette.
8. Click Apply.