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About a Work Session in AutobuildZ
With AutobuildZ, you can select drafting entities on a drawing in session to convert the drawing to a 3D part and create 3D parametric features on it. A session in AutobuildZ consists of the following steps:
Import of drawings from file formats such as DXF, DWG, or IGES. You can use the sketching capability in Detail to create 2D views that can be converted to 3D models using AutobuildZ.
Clean up of data that is not required for the conversion of the drawing to a 3D model.
Creation of views on the drawing by the selection of drafting entities and their logical grouping on the drawing in session.
Creation of the part.
Mapping of the datum planes of the part to the views on the drawing.
Definition of a part as the active part in which features are created and added.
Definition of the feature elements as part of feature creation.
Validation of the section profile during feature creation.
Creation and addition of features to the active part.
Regeneration of a drawing of the part on a separate drawing sheet.
Saving of the drawing and the associated parts to retrieve the drawing and the associated parts at a later time and continue the feature creation process.
Many of these operations, such as cleaning up unnecessary entities on a drawing, mapping datum planes to drawing views, and validating section profiles, are automated if you set preference options before you create the part.
Selection of multiple entities is required by some of the AutobuildZ operations such as cleaning up of the imported drawing of entities that are not required and the definition of feature elements. The Selection dialog box opens automatically enabling you to select multiple entities on the drawing.
Refer to the Interface Help for information on how to import drawings from different file formats to Creo Parametric.