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About AutobuildZ
AutobuildZ creates 3D, parametric, feature-based models from 2D drawing data. The 2D drawing data can be imported to Creo Parametric from any of the supported file formats, such as DXF, DWG, and IGES.
AutobuildZ provides the following capabilities:
Clean up 2D data by moving unnecessary and unwanted data to blanked layers.
Organize and logically group the geometric entities on the drawing into orthographic, sectional, auxiliary, and detailed views.
Create parts using a start part template.
Map the views of the drawing to datum planes in the parts.
Associate the parts with the active drawing in session.
Set up a part as the active part.
Create features in the active part by selecting geometric entities on the drawing in session.
Automatically regenerate the drawing views of the active part on a separate drawing sheet when features are added to the active part.