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About Cleaning Up Imported Drawings
Drawings that are imported to Creo Parametric from different file formats can consist of geometric and nongeometric entities. Geometric entities are lines, arcs, circles, and so on. Nongeometric entities consist of dimensions, notes, and symbols.
You can clean up imported drawings of nongeometric entities to avoid clutter and to facilitate easy identification and selection of entities that represent the geometry. You must set up a filter criteria using the Clean Up option in the AutobuildZ tab to move entities, automatically or manually, to layers based on their types and color.
Automatic Cleanup Method
When you select the automatic method of cleanup (the default), entities on the current drawing sheet are scanned and identified by their type and color and are automatically moved to layers based on the following types:
In addition, you can select entities based on the following predefined colors:
You can blank the layers to which the entities are moved by type and color so that these entities are not visible. A layer is automatically created if it does not already exist for all entities or the specific entity type.
Manual Cleanup Method
With the manual cleanup method, you must first set up the filter criteria and then select the entities individually and move them to the specified blanked layer or layers specific to the entity types.
When you select a single entity, all entities of the same type by color are also selected and moved to the respective layer. If a specific layer does not exist, it is created.
You cannot manually move dimensions to layers based on color.