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About Defining Views on the Current Drawing
Drawing data imported to Creo Parametric may or may not contain views. You can select drafting and detailing entities of the imported drawing and logically group them to represent views in AutobuildZ. Entities you have selected to form a logical view cannot be selected again to represent another view. Views store data, such as the ID of entities in the view and the extents of the view, and facilitate the construction of 3D features.
The existing and new views of a drawing belong to one of the following types:
The Orthographic view is the default. Orthographic views are automatically mapped to datum planes when they are created or defined, depending on whether you have selected Automatic view mapping in the Preferences dialog box.
Sectional, auxiliary, and detailed views are secondary views. You can define a sectional, auxiliary, or detailed view only if an orthographic view exists. You can delete any of the existing views.
An auxiliary view projects the view perpendicular to a selected surface or axis.
A detailed view is an enlarged view of a portion of the current view on the drawing.