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To Set Preferences for AutobuildZ Operations
1. Click Process > Preferences. The Preferences dialog box opens.
2. Under Clean up, type a prefix for the layer names in the Layer name prefix box. The default prefix for the layer names is ABZ_.
3. Under View setup and Projection system, select one of the following to specify a projection for the logical views:
—Specifies third-angle projection. This is the default.
—Specifies first-angle projection.
If you change the projection system after creating views in a drawing, a message prompts you to clear all the existing orthographic views.
4. Under Part setup, select the required preferences for the new part and the generation of the drawing views of the current model.
Each of the following options is selected by default.
Automatic view mapping—Automatically maps the datum planes of the new part to the views of the drawing in session.
Set new part as active model—Automatically sets the new part as the active model. The active model is the 3D part in session in which you can create features.
Create automatic drawings—Automatically generates a drawing sheet with the views of the 3D part or feature and updates the drawings when you create features in the associated parts.
Use drawing name—Displays the name of the drawing in session as the name of the part in the Name box of the New Part dialog box.
Use drawing units—Selects the default start part template in the New Part dialog box, based on the current drawing units.
Verify that the Use drawing units option is not selected when you want to manually select a start part template in the New Part dialog box.
5. Under Feature wizard, click the following options to set preferences for feature creation:
Automatic forward—Automatically guides you to the next step of the feature creation process in the feature creation wizard after you have made valid entries on the current screen. You do not have to click Next on the feature creation wizard. Automatic forward is not selected by default.
Create detail entities in section profile fix—Automatically creates detail entities for section profiles as part of the section profile fix. These entities are added to the drawing views.
If you do not click Create detail entities in section profile fix, one or more detail entities are created and are temporarily added to the section profile as part of the section profile fix. They are not added to the drawing views that are generated after feature creation.
6. Under Selection, type a tolerance value in the Chaining tolerance box to select a chain of continuous entities on a drawing.
7. Click Restore defaults to set preferences to their default values.
8. Click OK to accept changes made in the Preferences dialog box. Preference options and their values that you have set are saved in the config.abz file.