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About Selecting Multiple Entities on a Drawing
AutobuildZ allows you to select multiple geometric entities on a drawing using the following methods:
Defining a rectangular box
Selecting a chain of connected entities
AutobuildZ operations, such as cleaning up an imported drawing of unnecessary and nonrelevant entities, require a careful selection of entities. The Selection dialog box opens when a specific AutobuildZ operation requires the multiple selection of drawing entities. It enables you to select one of the methods of multiple selection of entities.
The dialog box that allows you to select a single item opens when an AutobuildZ operation requires the selection of a single entity. You must graphically select the entity in the graphics window.
You can select multiple entities to add or remove them from the drawing any number of times. The entities appear highlighted on the drawing to indicate selection. You can also list the number of entities selected with their details and remove them from the drawing after viewing their details.
Selecting Entities by Defining a Rectangular Box
You can define a rectangular box to select entities on a drawing. The entities are selected according to one of the following methods:
The entities inside the box are selected.
The entities inside the box and intersecting the borders of the rectangular box are selected.
You cannot select entities and objects that are on blanked layers.
Selecting a Chain of Multiple Entities
When you select an entity or object on the drawing, continuous or connected entities that lie to the left and right of the selected entity are automatically selected.
You can set Chaining tolerance to the appropriate tolerance value in the Preferences dialog box before you start selecting the entities by this method. The connecting and continuous loop of entities are then automatically identified.
Selecting Individual Entities
You can use CTRL to select individual entities one at a time. When you have selected the required entities, middle-click to quit the selection mode.
Selecting multiple entities individually using CTRL is tedious. You may also miss some entities on the drawing.