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Creating an Embedded Component in an Assembly
You can create an embedded component in a regular or inseparable assembly. Creating embedded components in an assembly allows you to virtually structure the assembly as a conceptual design or preliminary assembly design. When the design is finalized, you can extract the components to create separate business objects. Components created as embedded components are not visible on disc or in Windchill, they are stored in the owner assembly file. Perform the following steps to create an embedded component in an assembly.
1. In an open assembly, click the arrow next to Create and click Create Embedded. The Create Embedded Component dialog box opens.
2. Select the type and sub-type of embedded component that you want to create.
3. Accept the default file name or type a new file name, and click OK. The Creation Options dialog box opens.
4. Select an option from the Creation Method list, and click OK.
5. Create a type and a sub-type of the component you want. For more information on the different types of components you can create, click a link below.