To Create a Solid Part and Its Features
1. In an open assembly, click . The Create Component dialog box opens.
2. Click Part, and then Solid.
3. Accept the default file name or enter a new file name, and click OK. The Creation Options dialog box opens.
4. Click Create features, and click OK. You are now working as though the new model is the active model.
5. Create features using the Shapes or Surfacecommands in the Model tab.
6. Create the geometry of the new part either by referencing existing geometry within the assembly or without using references:
Specify a sketching plane and a sketching reference from the existing geometry of the assembly to create the geometry of the new part.
The newly created component will have external dependencies to the assembly, and therefore you will not be able to redefine its placement.
If no geometry exists in the assembly, you can create the geometry of the new part without using references.
7. When you have created the desired features in the new part, switch focus back to the top level assembly by selecting the top level node in the Model Tree, right-click, and choose Activate, or use CTRL+A to activate the same window at the top level assembly.