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Embedding and Extracting Assembly Components
Embedding Components
Use the procedure below to embed one or more components in an assembly.
1. Select a component in the Model Tree or graphics window, right-click and select Inseparable Assemblies > Embed. You can also click Model > Operations > Inseparable Assemblies > Embed to embed the components.
Extracting Components
You can use the following procedure to extract an embedded component. You cannot extract a component open in a separate window.
1. Select the embedded component in the Model Tree.
2. Right-click and select Inseparable Assemblies > Extract or Model > Operations > Inseparable Assemblies > Extract. The Extract dialog box opens.
3. Rename the component and click OK. The component is extracted from the assembly.
When the name is not in use, you can keep the same name. For example, when the original part is removed from the database after the embed operation.