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About Inseparable Assemblies and Embedded Components
An embedded component is a copy of a component that becomes part of its parent assembly. The parent assembly can be the top-level assembly or a subassembly.
In an inseparable assembly all components are embedded in the assembly. It is a single file that contains all components in the assembly.
To be able to embed or extract components and create new embedded components, you must set the enable_insep_asm_operations configuration option to yes.
Embedded Components and Inseparable Assemblies
The inseparable assembly is created in the open session of Creo Parametric and must be saved to use again. You create an inseparable assembly when you open an assembly and make it inseparable. You can embed all the components in the assembly, or use the Advanced options to select components to embed.
When you embed a component in an assembly, you copy the model to the assembly file. The original model is not affected and continues to exist in your database. The new embedded copy is not dependent on the original model. If you no longer need the original model, you can erase it from the session and remove it from the database.
When you embed a component, the name of the embedded copy is appended to include the name of the owner assembly. For example, you have component PISTON in assembly HYDRAULIC_CYLINDER, unless you change the default, the embedded component is named PISTON<<HYDRAULIC_CYLINDER>>. The system automatically takes care of conflicting names.
You can rename an embedded component in the Model Tree, but the operation is not reversible.
When you check an inseparable assembly into Windchill, you check in the assembly file. All embedded components are contained in this file.
Embedding Multiple Occurrences of Components
When there are multiple occurrences of a component in an inseparable assembly, they can all be embedded, or only some occurrences can be embedded. Multiple occurrences embedded at the same time, under the same owner, are shared and all have the same name.
Information Lost when Embedding Components
When you embed a component in as assembly, it is no longer a member of a Family Table. All information relating to the Family Table is lost.
Program code for a model is lost when you embed the model in an assembly.
Designated items under the embedded component are not exposed outside of Creo, in Windchill for example. An embedded component cannot be designated.
Extracting Components and Separating Assemblies
At any time you can extract an embedded component from the owner assembly. The component becomes a new standalone model that replaces the embedded component in the assembly.
Watch a Video that Demonstrates Embedding and Extracting Components