External Inheritance Features
An external Inheritance feature allows one-way associative propagation of geometry and feature data from a reference part to a target part without the need for assembly context. External Inheritance features are useful when representing the evolution of a design during manufacturing or when creating standard design elements.
You can use external Inheritance features to either add or subtract material from the reference part geometry to or from a target part. Define the location of geometry propagated from the reference part by selecting coordinate systems on the reference and target parts.
A target part can contain one or more external Inheritance features. Features propagated from the reference part are represented in the target part as subfeatures of the external Inheritance feature. You can create a reference pattern in the target part based on the pattern of external Inheritance subfeatures.
Dimensions propagated from the reference part are fully accessible in Assembly, Part, and Detailed Drawings. These dimensions can be shown in a drawing of the target part.
Varied items and external Inheritance feature capabilities are identical to standard Inheritance features.