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About Customizing Holemaking Cycles
By using the Custom Cycle functionality, you can develop your own drilling cycle syntax and associate this syntax with the actual motion of the cycle.
You can define a custom cycle by following these steps:
1. Build the cycle syntax by describing the cycle type, keywords, and variables.
2. Generate a relative motion for the cycle by defining cycle points. Cycle points are defined using the variables created during cycle syntax definition. Variables may be adjusted by entering a specific value or manufacturing parameter.
3. Add cycle modifiers at specific cycle points. Modifiers may be user-defined variables or standard manufacturing parameters.
To place the custom cycle, create a Holemaking NC sequence of type Custom; specify the tool, parameters, and hole axes; identify cycle point locations and provide the necessary variable and parameter values.
You can create custom cycles when defining or modifying the workcell, or when creating a Custom Holemaking NC sequence. In either case, the finished custom cycle is listed on the Cycles tabbed page of the Work Center dialog box and stored in the work center, to be used in other Holemaking NC sequences of type Custom created in this work center.