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To Build New Expressions
1. Click Add Expression or in the Customize Cycle dialog box.
The Expression Builder dialog box opens.
2. To change the name of the expression, type the new name in the Expression Name text box. You can use the default name.
3. Select one of the following options:
Variable—Use a variable. Select the name of the variable from the drop-down list of variables defined for the current cycle.
NC Param—Use a manufacturing parameter. Select the name of the parameter from the drop-down list.
Scalar—Use a constant. Type the numeric value in the text box.
Reference—Use distance between two references, for example, between the start surface and the end surface. Select the reference names from the First Reference and Second Reference drop-down lists. The distance is calculated as (first reference -second reference).
4. Click to add the selected element to the right side of the expression string, which is displayed in the read-only text box below.
5. To continue building the expression syntax, select another element and one of the arithmetic sign icons:
+ —Add
– —Subtract
* —Multiply
6. Click .
The system adds the selected sign and element at the end of the expression string.
7. To remove the last addition to the expression string, click .
8. To erase the entire right side of the expression string and start again, click .
9. When finished, click at the bottom of the dialog box to add the expression and return to the Customize Cycle dialog box. Clicking closes the Expression Builder dialog box without saving the expression.