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To Create Custom Cycles
You can create custom cycles when defining or modifying a work center, or when creating a Custom Holemaking NC sequence.
1. Click Manufacturing and the arrow next to Work Center. Select a type of Work Center or machine tool from the list:
The Work Center dialog box for the selected type opens.
2. Click the Cycles tab.
3. The Holemaking cycles list box appears. Click Add.
The Customize Cycle dialog box opens.
You can also access the Customize Cycle dialog box and create new custom cycles when you create a new Holemaking NC sequence of type Custom and select a cycle or the Edit Cycles option from the list next to .
4. Type the name of the cycle in the Cycle Name text box and press RETURN.
5. Type the keyword for the cycle type in the Cycle Type text box and press RETURN. The cycle type keyword updates in the Cycle Syntax box at the bottom of the dialog box.
6. Define the cycle references, variables, and prompts.
7. Define the cycle statement syntax by adding the necessary keywords, parameters, and expressions.
8. Define the tool motion for the custom cycle.
9. When finished, click at the bottom of the dialog box to add the custom cycles to the workcell and close the dialog box. Clicking closes the dialog box without saving the changes to the custom cycles.