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To Create Holemaking NC Sequences Using Custom Cycles
1. Click Custom on the Mill or Turn tab. The Custom Drilling tab opens.
2. The tab contains the following options in addition to the common options available for all Holemaking sequence types:
—Select a cycle or the Edit Cycles option from the list. The Customize Cycle dialog box opens.
3. You can either define a new cycle type or use an existing customized cycle. To use an existing customized cycle, click on the top toolbar of the Customize Cycle dialog box, select the name of the cycle in the Existing Cycles list box and click the right mouse button. Use the following options on the pop-up menu:
Select cycle and return—Select this cycle type and close the Customize Cycle dialog box.
Modify cycle—Modify the syntax string of the selected cycle. When finished, click to close the Customize Cycle dialog box.
4. When defining the Hole Set, select the holes to drill. Assign values to the cycle references and variables that do not have a value. For more information on assigning values to references and variables, follow the link under Related Links. The references and variables are listed in Cycle References on the References tab.
5. Define the drilling depth of the cycle references. For example, if the hole depth is Auto, the start surface and end surface are determined automatically; if you use another depth option, you have to select a surface or specify a Z offset for each of these references. For information on how to define depth, follow Related Links.
6. Click to save the changes.