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About CL Data
Cutter Location (CL) data files are generated from the cutter paths specified within Creo NC NC sequences. Each NC sequence generates a separate CL file. You can also create a single file for a whole operation.
These CL data files can then be passed to machine-specific or generic post-processors for NC tape generation or DNC communications.
CL Data Window
While creating an NC sequence, you can display the CL data in a separate window by clicking in the tab of the sequence you are creating. This window is only for display purpose and has a scroll bar. The CL Data window icon is also available in dialog boxes of tool motions such as Follow Curve, Curve Cut, Drive Surface Cut, Goto tool motions, and Approach-Exit tool motions. When you click the icon in a Tool Motion dialog box, the CL data of the selected tool motion is displayed in a CL Data window.