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To Rotate or Translate CL Data
You can rotate and translate CL data before sending it to file or displaying it on the screen. It is especially useful for machining patterned features.
1. Click the arrow next to Save a CL File on the Manufacturing tab and select Save a CL File. The SELECT FEAT menu opens.
2. Click NC Sequence and select a sequence from the NC SEQ LIST menu that opens.
3. On the PATH menu, click Rotate or Translate.
4. On the CL TRANSF menu, select the NC Sequence coordinate system axis to rotate or translate about.
5. Enter a value for rotation or translation.
6. On the PATH menu, click File or Display.
CL data rotations and translations are cumulative. You can repeat Steps 3–6 as many times as necessary to change the CL output location. To change rotation or translation value back to 0, click Quit on the CL TRANSF menu.