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To Specify an NC Alias
1. Click Manufacturing > Machine Tool Setup > NC Alias.
The NC ALIASES menu opens with the following commands:
Modify—Bring up the Pro/TABLE editor to define aliases.
Retrieve—Choose from a list of previously saved .ncd files. Bring a previously saved NC alias table into the model.
Save—Save the NC alias table in the current directory. NC alias tables are saved with the extension .ncd.
Show—Bring up the Information Window to list all of the NC aliases specified for the manufacturing model.
2. Choose Modify. The Pro/TABLE window appears. The table contains two columns, labeled CL Command and User Command. The CL commands that are supported for aliasing are listed under "CL Command".
3. For each supported CL command that you want to assign an alias to, enter the alias in the corresponding cell in the User Command column.
4. Exit Pro/TABLE and save the file.