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To Process CL Data on a Remote Machine
The Batch command on the OUTPUT TYPE menu allows you to perform the tool path computation in the background, as a separate process, and even on a separate host machine, which lets you do other work while the tool path computation occurs. It is your responsibility to avoid working on a model until its toolpath computation is complete.
The Queue Manager command on Manufacturing > Output enables you to perform management of the jobs in the queue:
Delete—Enables deletion of jobs that you have submitted.
Fetch—Enables fetching of completed jobs.
Update—Shows status of all jobs in queue.
Close—Closes the dialog box.
Remote batch processing requires a separate Creo Parametric license. The host machine for remote toolpath computation must have prorembatch and proremd executables installed, and certain environment variables set. This is done automatically at installation time when you designate a machine as a remote host for processing CL data.
To enable toolpath computation on a separate host machine, set up the following configuration option on your machine:
prorembatch_queue_manager proc_name:host:0:proc_num:1
proc_name = the processor name (any descriptive name)
host = the remote machine hostname
0 = type of transport, always set to 0
proc_num = RPC number of processor (must match the PRORB_RPCNUM environment variable on remote machine; if you specify 0, the system will use the default RPC number)
1 = version of queue manager, currently 1
The Batch and Queue Manager commands perform remote processing of CL data of an operation or an NC sequence. For remote computation of NC sequence tool paths, you can also use the Job Manager functionality. For more information, follow the link under See Also.