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To Add Manufacturing Annotation to a Part or Assembly
Add the manufacturing annotation to the reference model in Part or Assembly mode. When you later use this model in a manufacturing process, you can create steps by extracting the manufacturing annotation.
The order of manufacturing annotation features in the Model Tree is important for subsequent extraction. Although the extraction tool lets you reorder steps according to certain criteria, in general, it is a good practice to keep the future machining order in mind when creating or reordering the manufacturing annotation features.
1. Open the reference part or assembly.
2. Click Annotate > Annotation Feature. The Annotation Feature dialog box opens with the Definition tab active.
3. Click on the Definition tab. The Mfg Template AE Setup dialog box opens along with a window to select the template.
Select the template name and click Open. As you browse, you can use the Preview window to view the images associated with the templates.
Use the Mfg Template AE Setup dialog box to select manufacturing criteria name and the geometric entities of the appropriate type corresponding to the template references. The default value for the manufacturing criteria name is UNDEFINED. If you select UNDEFINED as the manufacturing criteria name, the manufacturing criteria is not defined. Select a name from the manufacturing criteria list to create the manufacturing criteria.
You can select a manufacturing criteria name only if you set the mfg_udf_info_setup_file configuration option to point to the UDF-MFG Criteria mapping file. The UDF-MFG Criteria mapping file has a .xml extension.
Click Steps setup. The Mfg Template AE Steps Setup dialog box opens.
Select the Annotation Elements for the steps in the manufacturing template and click to return to the Mfg Template AE Setup dialog box.
4. When all the template references are defined, click . The software creates the Annotation Element of type Manufacturing Template. The entities you selected during the reference setup become the Annotation Element references. They are listed in the References collector.
5. Click Parameters to specify the Annotation Element parameters, if desired. You can also edit the references definition.
6. When satisfied, click OK to close the Annotation Feature dialog box and create the Annotation feature.