Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Process Manager > Working with Manufacturing Templates > Using the Mfg Template AE Setup Dialog Box
Using the Mfg Template AE Setup Dialog Box
The Mfg Template AE Setup dialog box contains the following elements:
—Open a different template.
—View the template information in the Creo Parametric browser. The information includes the image associated with the template, notes, and special template parameters, if any. It also contains a list of steps or workcells included in the template, and a list of required references with descriptions.
Template Name—Displays the name of the current template. This name is displayed for information purposes only; you cannot change it. Use to open a different template, if needed.
Mfg Criteria—Displays a list of manufacturing criteria names that you can use for the Annotation Element. The default name for the manufacturing criteria is UNDEFINED. If you select UNDEFINED as the manufacturing criteria, the manufacturing criteria is not created. To create a manufacturing criteria, you must select a name other than UNDEFINED from the list.
References list—This box contains a list of template references (Label) and corresponding geometric entities (Value). The Required check box indicates whether the reference is required. You must initialize the reference values by selecting the geometric entities of the appropriate type. After you select an entity to define a reference, Creo Parametric activates the Value collector for the next undefined reference in the list. To change a value of a reference that has already been defined, click its Value box to activate the collector, then select the geometric entity.
Steps setup—Opens the Mfg Template AE Steps Setup dialog box. You can associate each step in the manufacturing template with an Annotation Element. The Annotation Elements can belong to any annotation feature. Creo Parametric retains the association after creating the steps in the Process Table.
You cannot change the relation between the steps and Annotation Elements in the design model using the Process Table. In the Manufacturing Process Table, you can only change the relation between an Annotation Element and the step in the manufacturing process by highlighting an extracted step and clicking Edit > Edit List of Related AEs.
—Pause the process of selecting references to use one of the asynchronous tools. For example, if you need to specify the Step Orientation, and your model does not have a properly oriented coordinate system, click , create the coordinate system, and click .
—Accept the selected references and close the dialog box. This button becomes available only after all the required references are defined. The entities you selected become the Annotation Element references.
—Cancel the changes to the references and close the dialog box.