About Annotation Features
Annotation features are data features that you can use to manage the model annotation and propagate model information to other models, or to manufacturing processes.
An Annotation feature consists of one or more Annotation Elements. Each Annotation Element can contain one annotation item, along with associated references and parameters. You can include the following types of annotations in an Annotation Element:
Surface finish
Geometric tolerance
Set Datum Tag
Ordinate baseline dimension
Driven dimension
Ordinate driven dimension
Reference dimension
Ordinate reference dimension
Existing annotation
You can do the following:
Include Annotation features in User Defined Features (UDFs). This way, you can define a library of company-specific annotations, and then place it in various models, as appropriate.
Include the necessary manufacturing information in the model annotation, and use this information when defining the manufacturing process.
Search for annotation options and values, or for Annotation Element parameters, and based on the search results, simultaneously modify multiple instances.
Propagate Annotation Elements from Annotation features to Data Sharing features, with options for dependency.
Duplicate annotations by placing User Defined Features, creating reference patterns, creating patterns of groups that have annotation features, or copying Annotation features. The duplicated annotations do not overlap except for free placed annotations. In the duplicated annotations, the relationship between the annotation leader attachment point and the annotation placement point is maintained and is the same as that of the original annotation. Similarly, in case of angle and length dimensions, the relationship between the annotation attachment point, that is, the reference point and the dimension text placement point is maintained and is the same as that of the original annotation.
In copy-and-paste operations where alternative attachment references are specified, the annotations do not overlap.
A Datum Target Annotation Feature (DTAF) is a type of Annotation feature that can contain only two types of Annotation Elements. They are Set Datum Tag Annotation Element (SDTAE) and Datum Target Annotation Element (DTAE).