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About the Process Manager
The Process Manager functionality is based on the Process Table, which lists all the manufacturing process objects, such as workcells, operations, fixture setups, tooling, and NC sequences. When NC sequences are listed in the Process Table, they are called steps. 
The Process Table lets you create new manufacturing objects and modify properties of existing ones. You can create new Milling and Holemaking steps directly in the Process Table. Steps of other types, created outside the Process Manager, are also listed in the Process Table. You can manipulate them like any other steps, for example, reorder or duplicate them. When you edit such a step, the system starts the regular Creo NC user interface for redefining an NC sequence.
You can also define manufacturing templates based on existing Milling and Holemaking steps, and then use these templates to create manufacturing steps in a different model.
Manufacturing templates can be added as annotation to the reference part. This way, when you bring a reference part into a manufacturing model, the annotation can be automatically extracted into the manufacturing process to create the necessary steps, complete with tooling, parameters, and geometric references.