About the MEASUREMENT STEP dialog box
The following elements are common for all measure steps:
Attributes—Specify the degree of automation for generating the measure points and probe path (the MODE command).
Probe—Specify the probe to be used for the measure step. Once the probe is specified, you can change the tip and, for rotating probes, the orientation as well.
Ref Csys—Specify which coordinate system is to be used as reference for this Measure step. Coordinates of measured points are stored with respect to the current reference coordinate system.
Name—Supply a meaningful name for the step, to be used in namelist menus and system messages. If you do not define this element, the system will use a default name.
Parameters—Specify measure parameters, which will define how the probe path is generated.
Geom Refs—Specify geometric references for the measure step.
Pts and Path—Specify measure points, either manually or automatically, and change the probe path generated by the system, if desired.
Clearance Pln—Specify a clearance plane for entry and exit moves. This element is optional.
Start—Specify the start point for the probe path. This element is optional.
End—Specify the end point for the probe path. This element is optional.
Comment—Enter comment to be output before the DMIS block for the step. This element is optional.
Save—Set up SAVE tag for DMIS output. If you specify that the measure step should be saved, the SAVE command will be output to the DMIS file. This element is optional.
Some of the elements above (Attributes, Probe, Ref Csys) are modal, which means that once you set this element for one step, the setting will be automatically used for subsequent steps unless you explicitly change it.