To Specify a Probe
You have to specify which probe is to be used to perform the measure step. The probe must be set up using the Probes functionality prior to creating the measure step. When you select Probe in the dialog box, the Probe Setup dialog box appears with the following options:
1. Select a probe name from the list.
2. Set up the probe using the following options:
Tip—Change the tip to be used (available only for multi-tip probes). When the probe is first selected, Tip1 is used by default. If you change to another tip, this setting will also become modal.
Roll Angle and Pitch Angle—Change probe orientation for rotating probes.
Focal—Change the focus for camera probes with multiple focal points.
Enable Fiber—Enable fiber probing for camera probes by selecting the option.
—Select a point for the display of probe orientation by first clicking and then selecting a point on the reference part. The system displays the probe reflecting the current Orientation angles and with the active tip touching the selected point.
3. Click Apply. You are prompted to apply changes to the existing tool or add a new tool with the specified changes.
4. Click OK or File > Done.
If you have not set up any probes prior to creating the first Measure step, the system will allow you to retrieve a probe model at this point, rather than making you quit the creation of the Measure step.