To Specify the Reference Coordinate System
The Ref Csys element allows you to change the reference coordinate system for outputting probe coordinates. The Ref Csys setting is modal, that is, the reference coordinate system from the previous step will be automatically used unless you explicitly change it. For the first measure step, the Machine Csys is used by default. If you create a new coordinate system clicking Inspect > Reference Coordinate System, it will automatically become the default for subsequent steps.
You cannot create reference coordinate systems "on the fly". In order to change to a new coordinate system, you have to create it using the Reference Coordinate System option prior to creating the Measure step.
To change the reference coordinate system:
1. Select Ref Csys in the dialog box and press Define.
2. A namelist menu will appear containing the Machine Csys and all the previously created reference coordinate systems, if any. Select the name of the coordinate system to use as reference for this Measure step.