About Measure Steps
Measure steps generate sequences of probe motions measuring the specified geometric references (planes, cylinders, and so on) at certain points. You can either manually specify the measure points or let the system generate them automatically along the selected references based on the Measure step parameters. After a Measure step is created, the system constructs a measured entity by copying geometry of measured references. Measured entities are shown in magenta; you can later reference them to create Constructed entities and Verify steps.
CMM allows you to create the following types of Measure steps:
Plane—Measure a planar surface.
Cylinder—Measure a cylindrical surface.
Circle—Measure a circular edge or curve.
Surface—Measure a surface of any shape.
Sphere—Measure a spherical surface.
Point—Measure a single point on surface.
Cone—Measure a conical surface.
Line—Measure a line on a planar surface.
There are certain elements and parameters that are common for all these types of steps; they are discussed within the topics describing the MEASUREMENT STEP dialog box. Techniques and parameters that are specific to a particular step type are listed under the topics describing this particular step.