Electrical Design > ECAD > Exporting Data to ECAD > To Export ECAD Data to the EDA Format
To Export ECAD Data to the EDA Format
1. Open an ECAD assembly.
2.  Click File > Save As > Save a Copy. The Save a Copy dialog box opens.
3. In the Type box, select ECAD EDA (*.eda).
4. In New Name, specify a name for the *.eda file.
5. If the ECAD assembly consists of subassemblies, define a bounding box for the components of the subassemblies to export them with their placement information.
6. Specify a cross-section or a planar surface for the maximum representation of irregularly shaped board components or rich 3D components in the exported model.
7. Perform the following steps when an error message and the Select menu appear for an ECAD assembly with multiple top and bottom surfaces and no unique top and bottom sides defined.
Select the top and bottom planes or surfaces on the model that are normal to the z-axis of the assembly or board coordinate system.
Click OK on the Select menu.
8. Click OK.