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Exporting Holes and ECAD Areas to EDA Format
Feature IDs, geometry profiles (the same as IDF version 3.0), the ECAD_OWNER parameter values of hole features, ECAD areas, other outlines, and notes are exported to the ECAD EDA (*.eda) format. The additional details of the export are as follows.
Hole Features
Hole features and round cutouts are exported as via drill holes. The hole geometry is on the drill diameter sublayer while the hole properties are located on via pad sublayers. The drill diameter is displayed on the top layer. Mounted holes are visible on all layers, including via pad sublayers.
Hole diameters and the x- and y- offsets for the placement of holes are exported to the *.eda files. The ECAD_OWNER, ECAD_HOLE_TYPE, ECAD_PLATING_STYLE, and ECAD_ASSOCIATED_PART feature parameters are exported as the Hole Owner, Hole Type, Plating Status, and Associated Part properties, respectively. The Plating Status attribute of the drill hole object stores the ECAD_PLATING_STYLE property. The drill diameter sublayer displays the Plating Status attribute of the drill hole.
ECAD Areas
Make sure that the ecad_area_default_import configuration option is set to the value, cosm_area, so that ECAD areas are treated as cosmetic area features. When the BOARD_SIDE feature parameter is set to the value BOTH, two place keepin, place keepout, or ECAD regions are created in the *.eda file. One is assigned the top layer and the other is assigned the bottom layer, according to the layer specifications in EDA.
The additional details of the export of ECAD areas are as follows:
Place keepin and place keepout—The TOP, BOTTOM, or BOTH values of the BOARD_SIDE parameters and the height specified in the design files are exported to the *.eda files.
Region—The COMPONENT_GROUP_NAME parameter is exported as the Group Name property.
Route keepin and route keepout—The TOP, BOTTOM, BOTH, ALL, and INNER values of the ROUTING_LAYER feature parameters in the design files are exported to the *.eda files. These values of ROUTING_LAYER determine the layers of the ECAD area. They are mapped to the actual and corresponding TOP, BOTTOM, BOTH, ALL, and INNER layers in the *.eda files.
Via keepout—Only through keepout vias, that go all the way through the board, are supported for export.
Other Outlines and Notes
To export other outlines, you must create a component with the attribute name, Other Outline. Other outlines in the design file retain their height, top and bottom placement information, and the ECAD_OWNER model parameter as the Owner property in the *.eda files.
Notes are exported to the *.eda files with their text values, x- and y- offset values, length, and height.
Model data, such as the model name, part number, version, units, the location, timestamp, and other user-defined details, are also exported to the *.eda files.