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About Exporting ECAD Data to the EDA Format
You can export Creo Parametric ECAD assemblies to the neutral ECAD EDA (*.eda) format with the Save a Copy dialog box. You can then use these *.eda files to share and propose assembly design changes with ECAD users in Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration as follows:
Save an ECAD assembly design as a *.eda file when you want to share the assembly design with ECAD users using Creo View ECAD.
Create *.eda files at different stages of the design, compare these design iterations, and use the incremental data as proposals for change.
The following ECAD objects of the assembly designs are exported to the ECAD EDA (*.eda) format:
Board outlines
Component profiles, placements, and properties
ECAD areas, such as, region and place, route, and via keepin and keepout
Mounted and drilled holes
Other outlines
You cannot export part models and paneled outlines to the ECAD EDA (*.eda) format.