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Exporting Irregularly Shaped Components
If the maximum representation of a component is not at the default xy-placement coordinates of the default coordinate system, you must add a cross-section where the representation is maximized. This ensures the accurate definition of the component that is exported.
Irregularly-shaped components of IDF files, imported into Creo Parametric and exported to the ECAD EDA (*.eda) format, are adequately represented in the *.eda files.
For complex or irregularly shaped components, you can add the cross-section parallel to the default xy plane and at the maximum material location, as part of the design process. Additionally, set the ecad_comp_xsec_def_name configuration option to the name of this cross-section.
This is a one-time task and the cross-section or planar surface is saved to the component model. This cross-section is available for all subsequent exports of the board, even if this component is used in other assemblies. Creo Parametric uses this cross-section while creating the 2D outline of the component model.