Electrical Design > Electrical Design > Grouping Component Symbols > To Create a Component Group Definition
To Create a Component Group Definition
1. Click Format > Component Group Gallery. The CMP GRP DEF menu appears.
2. Click Define. At the prompt, type a component group name. The CMPGRP EDIT menu and the CMPGRP_EDIT_<NAME> window opens.
3. Click Insert > Component Group View from the CMPGRP_EDIT_<NAME> window. The GET SYMBOL menu appears.
4. Click Retrieve to add a detail symbol, connector, or component from disk. You can also use the Name and Pick Inst commands to select symbols available in the current component group definition.
5. When you have placed all the symbols for the group in the window, the ADJUST INST menu appears.
6. Use the commands in the ADJUST INST menu to relocate, resize, or rotate the component by 90 degrees and click Done.
7. Click Quit in the GET SYMBOL menu.
8. Click Set Origin from the CMPGRP EDIT menu to change the origin of the component group definition. The GET POINT menu appears.
9. Use the commands in the GET POINT menu to select a point and set the origin.
10. Click Done from the CMPGRP EDIT menu.